Our Approach to Your Health Care

Your body has an incredible ability to heal. Symptoms are your body's way of saying that something is out of balance. We use natural methods to restore your health by treating the underlying causes of an illness rather than just masking or managing its symptoms. We design a personalized treatment plan to stimulate your body's own healing power. The result is a safe, gentle, effective, and long-term treatment that strengthens your body's resistance to disease. You will experience a greater degree of overall health and well being in addition to the improvement of your specific symptoms. We recommend annual health assessments to maintain your health once we have achieved your health goals.

What to Expect
After scheduling your first appointment, you will receive a detailed health questionnaire about various facets of your life and health. This questionnaire is an important tool for both you and Dr. Rebecca to learn about the factors affecting your total health.

1st Clinic Visit.
In this one and a half hour appointment, Dr. Rebecca will examine your health history and condition:
  • Current health problems
  • Dietary patterns
  • Stress and energy levels
  • Personal and family health history
  • Physical examinations
  • Necessary laboratory testing
  • A treatment plan may include: Dietary suggestions, Herbs & Supplements, Stress management guidelines and an Exercise plan
  • Your plan of action will begin.

2nd Clinic Visit

  • Evaluation of progress
  • Review of test results
  • Follow-up treatment recommendations

Follow-up Visits
A follow up visit is necessary in two to four weeks to ensure your health is improving as expected. Modifications in your treatment plan may occur. Future appointments will be scheduled depending upon your progress towards health and specific needs. Remember, our goal is not only to help you improve your health now, but to prevent future illnesses as well. It's much easier, more sensible, and less expensive to keep a body healthy than to allow an illness to take root and then work to eradicate it. Coming in for periodic preventive healthcare visits is a valuable way for us to stay current with new developments in your health and to prevent future disease.

Most patients come to us for treatment of their chronic issues or issues. We also encourage you to use us for treatment of acute issues, such as: colds, flu, ear infection, bladder infection.

What does this mean for you?
At Lawrence Natural Medicine our treatments have three distinctive features:

  1. Effective.
    Your health dramatically improves when the cause of your illness is treated with natural therapies.
  2. Safe and gentle.
    Our treatments work to support and enhance your body's natural healing abilities.
  3. Long-term cost effectiveness.
    Helping your body grow stronger and enabling it to resist disease more effectively will result in substantial long-term health care savings.